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Chicago & Varna in pictures

February 6th, 2009

This post is with few panoramas and normal shots from Chicago and Varna area. Pictures are taken at various times within the last one year. Cameras involved are Canon XTi, 5D and Bronica ETRSi. From Chicago we have panoramas from the bridges over Chicago river, a view from Hancock Tower, downtown morning view and an HDR attempt. I’m stressing that it is attempt, as I feel HDR is interesting but will require a bit more time to master well. For really cool HDR work visit Rosita’s site in the links section. From Bulgaria I have view of Varna bay, Tulenovo and Kara Dere panoramas. Enjoy!

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Film & Strobe Fun

February 2nd, 2009

The other night I wanted to try some film flash photography. I loaded my Bronica with some Kodak TMAX we made a small photo session in my home studio. As I don’t have a flash meter I used my Canon 5D to judge the exposure by. Interestingly all of my film shots came out better than the digital ones or at least I like them better. Here are the top picks.

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Summer BG Sessions

February 1st, 2009

Last summer on my trip to BG I took some photo opportunities that came along. I was fortunate to get to shoot with some other photographers and models. In reality this helped me to get a feel of what’s possible in both open and indoor spaces.

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