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Samyang Fisheye: Great Panoramas

October 13th, 2009

Samyang, thank you. This $290 8mm fisheye lens renders beautiful panorama pictures in a few shots, I do 6 portrait orientated around, one zenith and nadir on Nodal Ninja head. Since I’m using this lens on Canon 5D I needed to shave the lens hood, but it is not a big deal to do this. After the “surgery” it allows you to get nice shot on the full frame sensor. While the lens has no electronic contacts and is 100% manual I don’t find this one bit a problem for panorama pictures. Just set the aperture at f 11 and focus at 2-3 meters: everything gets a good depth of field. Here are a few shots from Chicago area, this will give you some samples. Also, be sure to check the virtual tour.

VR Tour (Flash) To move from panorama to panorama look for the pulsing black circles.

Here are some useful links for this type of shots:

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Michel Thoby review of Samyang 8mm
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Awesome HDR Samyang pics

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Chicago & Varna in pictures

February 6th, 2009

This post is with few panoramas and normal shots from Chicago and Varna area. Pictures are taken at various times within the last one year. Cameras involved are Canon XTi, 5D and Bronica ETRSi. From Chicago we have panoramas from the bridges over Chicago river, a view from Hancock Tower, downtown morning view and an HDR attempt. I’m stressing that it is attempt, as I feel HDR is interesting but will require a bit more time to master well. For really cool HDR work visit Rosita’s site in the links section. From Bulgaria I have view of Varna bay, Tulenovo and Kara Dere panoramas. Enjoy!

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Exotic Panoramas from the Caribbean

February 1st, 2009

The Caribbean is such a wonderful location for exotic pictures. It really takes a talent to take a bad photo on that spot. Today I’m posting a few panoramas from my trip.

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