March 17th, 2015

Exposure Mania is a site dedicated to photos that have some emotional impact for me. Whether it is a landscape, human body or an interesting technique, all these topics they all land here.  All photos here are shot by me and all copyrights rest with me, unless explicitly noted otherwise. If you don’t like some of my tastes or you feel offended – go away and never come back, we will not miss you.

I started shooting in my high school photo club, but then I got caught in some mundane activities for a decade. In the last few years I started shooting again both film and digital as a freelance photographer. My primary interests are landscapes (HDR and panorama) and art nudes.

My current digital equipment consists of Canon 5D and Canon Rebel XTi bodies with the following lenses: Canon 17-40L, Canon 70-200L and Canon 10-22. In film land I use a medium format Bronica ETRSi with primes: 40mm MC, 75mm EII, 100mm Macro PE, 105mm MC and 150mm MC. I also have an inexpensive strobe 3 light kit that allows me to take some interesting indoor shots. I develop myself the film that I shoot and find this a very pleasant and fulfilling experience.

I would like to keep this place as much as up to date as possible for your viewing pleasure.  Exposure Mania is an open place and everyone is invited to comment so long they are respectful of others. Feel free to comment and link back when you like or dislike something.

Thanks and Enjoy.

~ Georgi

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